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RE:Wow... a moment of thanks...

In this place, I think we all realize the gifts these rivers bring us. We realize also that gifts are meant to be exchanged.

I was walking down to Lyman bar the other day, taking the muddy path past the plunker fires, and just as I was about to break through the young willow shoots and out onto the bar I heard this strange moaning. It sounded like an old heron with larangitis. Out on the bar there was a wild haired fellow kneeling in the river, waving his arms and shaking his fists at the cloud covered sky. I didn't think it prudent to get to close. Maybe he had lost his checkbook. Walking back up the bar in stumbling twilight I found a checkbook once. I called the phone number on the checks from a phone booth in sedro Wooley. The address on the checks said Sedro Wooley. Nobody answered the phone so I dropped the checkbook in the night deposit box at the bank. Maybe it was his checkbook. Maybe he never got it back. Maybe he was just another fool steelheader with a fly rod kneeling in the river and waving his arms around. Ectasy will do that to a person.

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