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RE:Art Burton - did you get the inflatable yak?

Juro, glad to hear from you, yes I got an inflatable boat, not a Yak. The reason is Stability, and the ability to stand to sight fish in the ponds, and to be able to get outside of the surf line, I don't think a Yak can do that as you are low to the water. Also perhaps if the oportunity presents itself, I can put on a small outboard. I bought the SeaEagle 6 Deluxe package. It came with oars, foot pump, floorboards, inflatable seats, and a motor mount. I have it inflated in the basement where I get in it and dream of this year. Without the floorboards it weighs about 25 pounds, even I can lift it easily. I will perhaps buy a 6 foot paddle. I also bought a wooden seat to which I am trying to think of a way I can put 2 small drawers for out of the way storage. I think this is going to be a new way of fishing, the only thing I have doubts about is it going to be tough enough for beaching. I think it would quick repair if necesary. Juro, anytime you feel like taking a ride down just hollar. We could kill a lot of ground at one time. How come you guys are not fishing the Swift River for trout ? I ahve fished the Y pool in January past. Just be careful of the bank footing with the snow. Water temp should be between 50 and 60 degrees F. I have fished RI for trout every month of the year. I also have caught Coho Salmon in NH,& Mass in December. Just dip the rod under water to deice the guides. TL art
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