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A little help for the new guy...

Hi, everyone. My name's Jeff. I'm twenty years old, and I live just outside of Roanoke, Virginia in the Blue Ridge/Appalachian mountains valley. I just recently took an interest in flyfishing when my grandfather gave me a seemingly expensive brand new Thomas & Thomas rod from his collection. He won the rod at a Ducks Unlimited auction for about $150, because nobody present knew anything about flyfishing. I would like to use the rod to get me started, but with so many reels and lines and flies and equipment, I don't know where to start!

First off, I need a reel. How do I go about choosing one? Are there any specific reels that you would recommend? I plan on fishing mainly in mountain creeks and rivers, and maybe a pond or two. The rods case says "Line #7." Does this have anything to do with the kind of reel I can put on it? I'm looking for a good dependable reel to get me started, under 120 dollars. Any advice?

Besides the reel, I'm also looking for any other advice and/or recommendations you can give me on equipment/tools/etc. to get me started. Any help you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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