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The orvis bucket has a nice solution to the finger issue as well. There is a simple plastic insert that I picked up from Nauset Angler for under $10 that gives a rubbermaid bucket fingers, and for a quick fix it works pretty well. The only problem is that you need to use some serious adhesive, the two-way tape that comes free doesn't cut the mustard - but that was kind of obvious without even trying. A marine epoxy would probably be the ticket, or some plumber's goop. Aquaseal would make it permanent as well. Pretty cheap solution IMHO. Some places sell the standard rubbermaid dishpan for 2.99. I think I've got another 5 years left on mine. Straps with plastic snaps, cheapo - and the $8 or so dollar insert. Total ~$15 with insert.

I chose to contour my rubbermaid baskets by simply taking a razor knike and cutting off the formed lip-edge from one side. I sanded any sharpness down, and it naturally gives to the form of my increasingly vanishing washboard stomach. Actually, it's looking more like a wash tub stomach lately, only an outtie.

I also ran into a seamstress at the fabric shop who was buying a ton of those large thread spools with the core that is shaped like cone. I offered her a buck a pc for the cores when she is done with them. They were an ideal shape.

I also really like the Kennebec River mesh (yes mesh) for two-handed rods. You never really wade deep with the big rods and you can shoot a ton of line. The Kennebec River basket is huge.

Good luck with your SB adventures and keep us informed of your discoveries.
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