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RE:Favorite big-fly thread?

This may come as a suprise but I love Uni-Stretch. It is not a thread for people who would like to turn out pretty flies with small heads but when I am tying big ugly leach patterns and flies with lead eyes I tie with this stuff. It is impossible to snap, it has tons of stretch (hence the name) so you can really pull and wrap materials tight. For flies that require this give uni-stretch a try.

On all my other steelhead flies I have normally tyed with Danville's standard thread but I am starting to like Benichi's. Its a 12/0 but has a breaking strength just short of standard Danvilles. It makes beautiful heads and in a fly that requires many steps (such as the GP) it reduces the bulk of the fly but still lets you wrap many many times to build up the integrity of the fly.
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