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RE:Sage XP 908-4

Good points. The XP is a very different rod then the RPLXI. The RPLXI has a progressive action where the tip is only moderately fast but the butt section is super stiff. With 20 feet of line out the rod is only loading 1/2 way down the blank. The XP is stiffer here and can shoot out more line then the RPLXI. With forty feet of line out thought this is the RPLXI's sweet spot and you can shoot that forth feet of line out. The XP has a thiner butt section and can only shoot say 25 feet of line. Basicly with one false cast I can cast the XP farther but with two false casts I can shoot the RPLXI farther. I casted the Horizon and it seems to be a progressive taper too but faster then the RPLXI
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