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RE:Sage XP 908-4

Sounds like a good choice, it's that last sentence that made all the difference in my own adventures in warm climes.

Btw - what Nate points out is the same thing that counts on the Monomoy flats when the migration is done and it's a resident show. You can't see past that distance, and you need to get the fly ahead and down in the column before the fish sees the fly.

I've only cast the lighter weight XP's but talk about a rocket... the 4 and 5 weights cast like 7 or 8 weight rods. Great choice for stillwater or big western streams.

What often bugs me about a rod when aerializing long lines (as you say over 50 feet) is when the operative "heart" (again one of my obscure metaphors ) collapses under the load. Some rods that cast well with shorter lines feel like the recoil or "jump" coming off the rod lessens. At least for my casting style (results may vary) the butt starts and must supports the cast but the operative part of the rod blank is the part that is carried loaded up to the release point. Softening the upper section of that section makes some rods throw tight loops easier under relaxed casting conditions but if too "sweet" they can not handle the extra modulus needed to throw long lines. Once again this could all be my own casting stroke but for me that is the case.

Related note - the quick draw cast during sight fishing is also a function of what I call the "slipping and gripping" technique on both sides of the cast, in addition to the rod's action. The more expediently you can elongate the working length of line, the less false casting you need. I don't know if you will be able to get away with it but a slipping roll cast also gets the line out faster and might cut the false casts to one. This is the case with the two-handed overhand cast.

Hope you have a blast, take lots of pics!
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