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Oh, No!

You mean they have a CLOSED SEASON out there? Here, it's open on the tribs year round! (Of course, Sept. to May is the best time - except when the deep snows and "-0" temperatures get here. Used to go out then, but fighting frostbite, frozen fingers, feet, lines and guides are a little too much for me in my old age.

But I leave the crowded streams for the weekends. I go shooting, instead. Then, during the week, when I have the streams to myself and a few other retired guys, go out. In fact, shot some Sporting Clays yesterday - today my son visited, but tomorrow I'll be on the streams, HOPEFULLY catching a few.

Oh, well, Jim, you'll have "half pounder" season before you know it. Always something to look forward to!

Plus, I gotta shed some of those "winter pounds", dammit!

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