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Juro, I have observed quite a number of guys fishing from kayaks, and have done it myself. I have launched in the surf and returned. Returning to the beach is a big problem as with a round bottom kayak, when you ride the wave up on the beach, you better be quick to get out before the next wave, because of the cramped quarters I have been unable to thus the rollover. Yes with the floorboards in it is an easy feat to standup, with \out floorboords,no. The ones that I have observed most are 2 guys form CT. They just launch, row out, fish, & return. I wouldn't say that they stay dry, but they don't capsize either. I have seen people go out in a 2 or 3 foot surf. What gets me is that you can get right in the middle of the fish about 200 yards offshore. It certainly makes for a chance at throwing a fly at feeding schools of fish, which during the week are not harrased by boats usually. Maybe if I can make somr kind of a backpack strap I could tote it to some inaccessable beach. Napatree comes to mind. I could also, if my son is going out have him drop me off at Napatree, just dreaming.
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