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Juro, First I should proof read what I write, lots of mistakes. I have decided ona Sea eagle SE6 which is a motormount boat, not a kayak. It is made from 33 mil K80 Polykrylar.Weighs 25 lbs, can be packaged to 12'x22'x20'.It has 5 separate air chambers. Can carry 650 lbs 3 or 4 adults, not much room though. It has all around rope lacing, if you fall overboard, always something to grab. All with a 3 year warranty. I am ordering tomorrow, or Tuesday. The wife is not happy, what another boat. Order berfore Jan 31., and safe an additional $50 bucks and a free acessory value to $39. Startup package is $249. with oars, foot pump, and seat. Deluxe package comes with oars, foot pump, motormount, floarboards,and a fisherman's seat, for $399. They also have about 3 or 4 different inflatable kayaks, but I want to be able to move around and strech my legs, get rid of cramped quarters. Hope I answered your questions Juro. Anymore, and I will answer tomorrow. Art
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