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To Striblue, & Juro, I have been following inflatables for two years now, and I have reached a decision.
First: I find that in doing most of my fishing lately, between Charlestown, and Watch Hill, that the fish show about 2 casts away most of the time. They make occasional forays to the beach, but are the exception to the rule.
Second: Having a kayak, I now feel that I feel that one is stuck in one position, for the amount of time one wants to fish. If you wanted to fish a shallow flat by wading, one can not get out of a kayak easily. An old man like me usually runs into a problem.
Third: What started me on the inflatable kick, is that the last two years I have watch, in particular, two guys from Ct. Who most weehends can be found catching fish with regularity off of Quonny. They relly do a number on the fish, while myself, from shore am lucky if the fish come in close enough for me to catch one or two.
Conclusion: I have looked at several inflatables, after, first what I wanted to do. One be able to fish streams, ponds, lakes in my area for trout. Second fish the flats in salt ponds of southern RI. Third be able to launch in the surf, if fish are showing offshore. Go clamming.
Boat requirements, Light in weight, I am an old man. Maybe carry another person, although it would be cramped. Beable to get out of the boat on a flat without tipping over. Be able at a later date add a small outboard, maybe. Made of strong material, the one I am purchasing next week, has a 3 year guaranty.
The inflatable I am purchasing weighs. 25 lbs, can carry up to 3 people 600 lb capacity. Will handle a 2 hp motor. With floorboards, one can standup to cast. Carry on my truck inflated, or inflate at the launch site.
Think of this all for the price of a good pair of waders. I , if I want to sell my kayak, keep quiet. If I buy by January 31 I save $50. I am ordering tomorrow, or Tuesday, kind of dragging my feet to see what you guys think.
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