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I own a kayak, and have had my problems with it, perhaps it me, being old and not as mobile to get out from a round bottom kayak before the next wave rolls you. If you are fishing sand flats, one can not get out without risking a roll over.
Inflatables light in weight, very stable, if you have floorboards you can even stand up to cast. I wonder how many have noticed the commercial where the army drives one right up into a helicopter. Sea Tow even uses them as they can come up to a disable boat without risk of damaging a boat. I am posting this as I have to decide this week as one company has a sale that ends Jan.31. They are very portable the one I am interested in weighs 17 lbs and is about 4 1/2 ft wide and 8 1/2 ft long. It has a 3 year warranty. Just the thing to take, for example, to use in the salt ponds during the worm hatch, or fishing the flats, very quiet, able to get in and out of it quickly, also able to sneak out front of the beachs just out of the surf line a couple of surf casts away. I know it works cause I have seen it done without problems. I can not say that for a kayak. Another thing is you can use a 2 horse power motor. I am interested in everyone's thoughts. The wife isn't very happy, but every boat I buy is the same way. TL artb
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