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RE:Fly for Fishing

I thought that you might like to see the response to an e-mail I sent to Massachusetts asking for a definition of a fly for use in fly fishing only sections of streams.

>Thank you for contacting MassWildlife
>Enjoy a walk on the wild side at !!!

>There is no definition of a fly in current regulations. Rather, fly fishing only sections of rivers restrict anglers to conventional fly rod and reel combinations and prohibit the use of bait, whether it be natural bait like worms or artificial bait like marshmallows or power bait. Artificial lures must be used and for most people using a fly rod the standard wet or dry fly works best.

>Western District, Pittsfield 413-447-9789
>Conn. Valley District, Belchertown 413-323-7632
>Central District, West Boylston 508-835-3607
>Northeast District, Acton 978-263-4347
>Southeast District, Bourne 508-759-3406

I am not about to do it, but, I can just imagine the uproar that one could create, by showing up at the Y pool on the Swift with a sluggo fly.
John Desjardins
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