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RE:Fly for Fishing

Art -

You raise an interesting point, I often get funny questions about fly fishing from the uninitiated. This generalized dictionary definition is a far cry from being worthy of defining our sport, would you agree? Why even a nymph would not be fly-fishing if we were to adhere to their views, nor would a streamer - or perhaps most ridiculously a full dress classic atlantic salmon fly would not meet the specification if it were not intended to imitate a fly. New England's classic streamers would be out of the question, as would the muddler minnow, the wolly worm, the mickey finn, just to name a few.

I define flyfishing as a form of fishing not involving the use of bait or scents or taste to tempt fish, and not involving the use of weights to cast the lure (fly or otherwise) but instead cast by virtue of the dynamic loop generated by the loading and unloading of the rod. I also feel that the "lure" should be one that is tied, not cast or molded, by hands and not machines although the components might.

In my view, whether the materials are natural or synthetic doesn't matter; and whether the forage being suggested is insect or minnow (or plant for that matter) does not qualify whether it's fly fishing or not.

I was once asked "when you imitate a fly, do you cast over the fish and tease it to jump out of the water to intercept the fly as it whips by?" I thought two things... "wish it were that easy" and "boy, the name fly fishing does imply some differences from what it's really all about nowadays". Your point is well taken, but in this case I think the dictionary thinks the fish jump out of the water...
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