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RE:Wulff Triangle Taper saltwater floating line

The Wulff Triangle Tapered lines are one of the best lines around for casting into the wind. Here's why? There have been discussions and disagreements about which is better, casting a smaller line into the wind, or casting a larger line but heavier one. Most agree though that weight is the governing factor since the drag difference between cross-section areas between weight class of lines is minimal. If you would ever want to through a rock into a wind and they were both similar in shape, I would through the heavier one for length.

The special triangular design of the Wulff putts the heaviest cross-section 32 feet from the end (See Al's illustration drawing), unlike other lines where their heaviest sections is near the end of line. When you line is going forward in the casting stroke, your running line leads and the weight sections follows. Think about those days when you used to through a roll of toilet tissue. To get maximum distance, you through the roll and the streamer follows. That's essential what happens with the Wulff lines with most of the 32 feet of line following the heavier section is pulled more efficient on the forward cast.
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