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It has been a long time since I had "incidental bass" while pike fishing. We have no bass in Alberta!
When I was back east, many moons ago, I regularily fished for bass & pike and most of my bass flies would be smaller than what I would use for pike.
I'm just wondering if the follower bass are more concerned with the size of the pike fly and its action/movement than with the showing of a leader. I have caught small 24 inch pike with a 15 inch withefish being spit out. With bass, my recollection is that they prefer shorter baits/flies. For pike, I now stay with Tyger wire and occasionally use the snap leaders. I tried very large diameter mono but I hate changing each time and with larger fish, say 18Lbs. or more, they will cut through. Lastly I don't like the action of the fly with such a large mono leader.
My typical leader for still water pike is as follows:
18" of 25 Lb. Ultragreen
24' of 15 Lb. ""
18' of 12 Lb. ""
4 to 6 inch 30 Lb. Tyger with a loop at the end
The I use 15Lb. Tyger to tie the fly and do a loop to loop connection with the leader.
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