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RE:Circle Hooks

When stripers hit baitfish they hit it on the fly. They swim up to their prey grab the morsel between their pallets and turn. Using the force of their momentum and water hydraulics (when water flushes through their mouth) they orient the bait and swallow. Stripers are hooked during the first process because of the tension on the line sets the hook when they turn. They never get the chance to swallow the hook because the initial grab sets the hook. A circle hook becomes inefficient.

Feeding on crabs, shrimp, et, the striper isn't in a chase mode, so basically they feed in a passive position. Hydraulics is used in this case, were they open their mouth and suck in the food. Both style of hooks will hook in this situation but the line of pull for a circle hook will rotate the hook as it is being pulled out, extenting the barb. But the important things is the hooking areas now is outside the gill areas.
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