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RE:Kayaks Verse an Inflatable

Ray, I do not like belly boats, I guess I am an accident waiting to happen. They would not be a good vehicle in the surf. I had one of them things, it almost killed me in Nimgret Pond. What happened was I had crossed the channel to the marsh to work the undercut bank along its edge, and was returning. I was in about thigh deep water walking backwards with flippers on when I tripped on a rock and went over backwards, I was like a bobber, except I was upsidedown, and having a hard time to get turned right-side up. I was luck that I could, with my hands, get close enough to shore to get a breath and get turned right-side up. It was April, and boy! was the water cold. Came close to drowning in about 3 foot of water. No thanks to a float tube. I gave it away to a friend, good riddance.
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