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thanks for the comments... also have another floss color that is a "hot orange" that is more closely matched to the wings and body fur (angora died hot orange). i've seen different colored versions of the orange heron, through different texts and tiers, so have been trying both. i like the brighter orange of the other floss better, but this was the only good picture that turned out! floss i've been using has been danville's, mostly cause its what i've had on my desk, used in other steelhead patterns i've played with. will try the uni-stretch next time i'm back in civilization and can pick up a spool.

thanks for the reply on bob's book... of interest, talked with Shewey at the end of January at a seminar he gave in Boise, ID. He mentioned that he will soon (soon being relative) be coming out with a second addition to his book. reason: a whole lotta info - fly patterns, materials history, use of materials, history of patterns, etc. - hit the cutting room floor due to publisher page restrictions. i'm guessing the publisher didn't have as much faith in the book as john did, and the publisher's been proven wrong - can hardly find a hard copy any more... not sure if he's simply going to upgrade the current text and expand, or come out with a "2nd volume"... can't wait to see it... will have to get bob's book as well... other's have had good review to...

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