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Ahhhh yes... I can recall with crystal clarity the last time I was out on the flats in pursuit of bones. Not so much as one taker, though we spotted quite a few (one of them was honestly a monster, I'd say easily in the 8- to 10-lb. range; he was tailing on a flat about 20 yards from a deep channel and ignored the few casts that got anywhere near him on that blustery day). Crevalle are by far my favorite fish to pursue on the long rod, for though they may not have the distinction of the bones, permit, snook, or tarpon, they really peel out line and fight light bulls; give me a jack over the others any day. Oh yes, and in my experience they tend to take a fly with a little less apprehension than some of those others.

Juro - you're one lucky guy. The rest of us are freezing our butts off (snow in the forecast for NYC today) and only dreaming of warmer times when the fishing is allowable, and in the tropics at that! *sigh*

I'll tell you one thing: I'm not complaining about hot weather when it arrives this year! Good luck with the remainder of the trip!
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