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RE:Kayaks Verse an Inflatable

Just as a side note.. I picked up a Tribalance Kayak this year and since I picked it up late in the summer I did not get to use it alot, but I would put it in at Ridgvale beach in Chatham and book it to Morris Island and then across to Monomoy. Since there are pontoons it is a little difficult to manuver but not really a problem. I can stand up in the cockpit or sit up highter and use a rod holder when traveling.. It weighs about 55 pounds an I put it on top of the Jeep. No problem beaching it in the surf It does not tip over. At least uder usual cape south side beach conditions. I am looking forward to using more on the Monomoy flat next year and somthing to consider if you are looking to a Kayak. I think it is great for flyfishing and gives the kind of stability that is sometimes needed in changing conditions. I also don't think it would provide a false sense of security.
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