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Run away from the Mustad 36890's as fast as you can. They are awful hooks, poorly tempered, non-taptered hook return (the hook's wire is simply bent back against the shank and this makes it difficult to make a nice transition from hook shank to fly head), several hooks in each box of 100 will be malformed, points are too long, barbs too high, points don't hold up, etc. Yes, they are cheap; however, they are so poorly made that they are a waste of time and make tying into a chore.

The Daichii Dick Talleur hook is made in #2-#10. The Belvoirdale Sprite hook is offered in #2-#8.


The were known as Japaned black or just Japaned because that is where the lacquer was made that they dipped the completed, polished hooks in to paint them black. Japaned Black hooks are really only hooks that have been painted black instead of bronze.
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