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Thanks; I'll look into those. When it comes to actually fishing these hooks, would you say that one stands out against the other as a superior choice? I realize that "look" may be just suited for flies that I intend to keep out of the water, but I'd like my fished flies to be tied on the black hooks also. The loop eye is important to me, BTW. I would think that neat features of a streamer hook would be a black finish, looped eye (up-turned, as in the salmon and steelhead hooks), 7X long with a Limerick bend. Of course, I'd like them offered in everything from a size 10 to 1/0, though I suppose that this "modified salmon hook" could be sized in odds (1,3,5, and so on).

Fred - I think you're correct regarding the dsignation as "Japanned hooks".
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