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Kayaks Verse an Inflatable

I have had a Kayak for 3 years, it is a Necky Garnet. This kayak has a uuround bottom for about 3/4 of its length, and also has a retractable skeg. It is very easy to handle, and is very maneuverable, I have gone in and out of the breachways without any problems on either the incoming or the outgoing. The problem is that coming into the surf, trying to land on the beach I have flipped everytime. The problem being that, when you ride the wave in, I cannot get out of the kayak as the round bottom causes it to lean as you try to get out, the next wave finishes you off. Maybe if I had a flat bottom kayak like a Pungo it wouldn't happen.
On the other hand an inflatable of between 8 and 10 feet should be a better surf machine. I have observed several times of two guys from CT put their inflatable in the surf, go out in front of the breechway and catch fish after fish when all I could do is be envious of them. They would fish for a couple of hours then come back in to eat and stretch their legs. I never saw them have a problem landing, orgoing into the surf. The wife is going to kill me, but I think next year I am going to find an inflatable. No motor, just oars. I think at a sacrifice of maneverabilty it would be great when you drive the beaches, as many many times there are fish breaking about 200 yards outside of the surf line, and all one can do is watch and wait, hoping that they will come in close. This doesn't happen often.
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