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RE:Broken rods and chrome missles

Me and Sinktip were on the river Sunday 1/2 hour before one could even think about fishing. That's one of the reasons I really like to fish with him, he will be there at any time if it means fishing. We were off the river early about 0910 but could have stayed longer with so many fish rolling but had laser surgery Friday on the old eyes to make them new and didn't want to push it.
Sinktip almost lost his spey rod on a realy powerful takedown, have not seen him so excited all winter.
While sitting on a log just before 1st light had a fish roll right in front of me a couple feet below some branches that hang in the river. I knew that I would not get to the fish but I gave it a try and waded out in some swampy water by the seam where the branches were. I was only a foot from fast water and looking down into the run trying to figure out how to get a fly down 4 feet in a 3 foot area. The damn fish rolled again right in front of me and I got splashed by one of the biggest steelhead tails I've ever seen. All that I could think of was the part in the "River Why" with the gal in the over hanging tree after a Steelhead. Being a fly fisherman has it's limitations but I bet if I was 12 years old again I could have figured out how to hook that fish.
We had 3 to 4 foot visability and perfect river level to fish. Saw numerous fish rise all in tough places to fish but didn't matter that no fish were landed just nice to see that fish have shown up.
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