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Jack Crevalle that is, fun but not part of the slam suite.

Bones.... Same spot, tide... NADA! I saw two likely suspects one of which I am certain was a ghost while the other could have been another species due to the angle. I spotted for twice as long as yesterday and the waves were so high I had a guy surfing less than 50 yards out and the clouds cut the quality time to a fraction. Ocean side bones are not reliable I guess, these fish were in the suds yesterday. First time in fact as previous bonefish outings I've had were on the inside flats and mangrove lined bays, etc - not many of those to be found here.

So with limited time I headed to a bowl beach created by a break in the coral reef with the surf pounding like a nor'easter and the wind howling loudly straight at me... Atlantis time.

Within a few minutes of tuning into the hard wind conditions, I got slammed and battled a jack of some kind, the type with the little scale plates running on the caudal peduncle to the tail and the large eyes, nice fish... got a photo too.

Other than a cuda bite off and harassment from gar, that's about all she wrote for today...

Last day tomorrow... maybe I will hire a local fisherman on a panga :eyecrazy:

In truth, the fishing is only a sideline while the second honeymoon with my better half has been priceless. It's been great to have a few days of fun in the sun, no complaints no matter what the fishing is like!
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