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I've been doing all of my pike fishing with 9s and 10s as well. As pike fly lines tend to have very short heads, you can often go up a line size without overloading the rod. Though I'm mostly using a 9 wt. rod, I'm nearly always throwing a 10 wt. line, in the process, getting the best of both worlds.

There are a number of relatively cheap, 9 wt. pack rods on the market (I have the six piece Cortland CL 8/9) that will do a decent job as a pike rod and store well in the canoe. On my first trip with the Cortland, I tossed a 10 wt. pike line exclusively for over two days and I found it stood up well, even when a big bruiser took a sudden dive by the boat and bent it deeply. Should've broke but it didn't.
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