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RE:Gore-Tex Jacket$

Great feedback...Thanks a bunch!...I appreciate the corporate knowledge! I've got a date with Mr&Mrs Salmon in Alaska this July so I'm not pressed for time but I will need a suitable jacket...With that in mind, I will be looking into the "Patagonia outlet" and Simms "left-over" possibilities. Cabelas is another option and their quality has always been fine...LL Bean too.
But soonerorlater the "Gear Meister" (aka Juro) will surface and have a few things to say and, when Juro speaks, a hush falls over the crowd and you can hear all sorts of notes being scribbled in fishing journals
'cause HE KNOWS!
One thing for sure, GEAR certainly has come a long way since the 1900's when I was happy as a clam in my champion sweat shirt...GO FIGURE! and...
Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes or to be cold and clammy! when there's fleece and Gore-Tex just this side of a second mortgage!
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