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RE:Gore-Tex Jacket$

I swear by most everything made by Patagonia. I am on my second SST jacket (first one was never big enough... my daughter uses it now). The key, for me, has been to find one that fits at the Patagonia outlets rather than the retail shops or regular mail order. Patagonia has four or five outlets where they sell slight seconds or discontinued colors or models. I paid $70 for my first SST and $120 for my second and current one. The thing has been through hell and high water and I wouldn't change it for anything. Of course, if I had to pay $310 for it I probably wouldn't have one. Look at their catalog or web site to get their outlets phone numbers. Call them up at various times throughout the year and ask if the have the SST and in what sizes. Size is usually the problem with them having only small and XL. The other problem (for me) is that outlkets only ship to the States (I'm in Canada), so I had to have mine shipped to friends places for later pick up. Hope this helps.
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