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RE: Labrador

morning jcc_00
I guess my post did "generalize" Labrador as being up everywhere,huh? What I was referring to were various posts made throughout last season(SAO) as well as friends who made the trip(Pinware, Eagle, Forteau) and opinion's of those i met on various rivers. Following the York River (Gaspe) thread this summer on SAO made me want to break out the credit card and just GO!!!
Sue Scotts river reports in the Winter 2003 ASJ. Also included in this were emails from other anglers whose opinions were the same as mine, that there was definately an increase in fish in 2003.
One labrador lodge owner posted this summer that there were salmon in his river of close to 15lbs. He has owned the camp for years and never saw that before. Almost a 100%grilse and small salmon river. He was thrilled. I'll dig up the thread.
My original post was meant to convey what i know and have heard, been told, or have read. Mostly it was an effort to find out if my area(PEI) lucked out,as we had a terrific season here.
Still waiting to hear if other "local rivers" had similar surges in salmon numbers.
Also, all the talk of labrador that i recieved was for June and July, nobody I talked to was fishing there in late August.
Hope this clarifies a few things
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Hey Topher, the grilse pictured above was one I landed on the morell last summer, not the fish i mentioned at the "Swimming Hole" Here is your fish
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