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In a holding pattern...

Pulled my sandal straps tight this morning and they came apart in my hands. Perhaps it's an omen - the coral cuts I got were nasty and sandals are just not up to the task on the marl. Beaches no problem, like Rodgers and Baby Beach on the other end of the island, but if you are coming bring some flats shoes appropriate for the task.

Another thing - I stepped up onto a large dead coral rock yesterday to get better vis and the rock was a little like a seesaw. When I sawed, what I did see shure shocked the sh*t outta me! Two moray eels were living underneath it and man they were not happy. :eyecrazy:

Haven't seen any sting rays yet but the tops of the feet are what's in jeopardy if you step on one of those as they curl and stab like a scorpion. Of course if you don't step on them no problem. But shoes are a good idea all around.

I am waiting for the local dept. style stores to open so I can find some cheapo scuba boots or something appropriate for the 10 o'clock bite.

Wish me luck.... I have the camera in the diving case today! Hope that didn't just jinx me.
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