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Broken rods and chrome missles

Saturday morning and I have an hour or two to fish. Family plans takes me away from the river early. I head to Lyman bar at first light. Ed Ward is there before me. He motion for me to go on ahead of him. I tell him that I can wait and watch as he starts to work the run. We both fish down for an hour or so. Then I see Ed rod bend down hard. As I watch I see a nice chrome steelhead break water numerous times. Ed is fighting the fish with his rod held low to the water. I wonder why. He brings a 15 pounder to hand and releases it. As he walks up river past we talk briefly. I asked why he held his rod so low. He then shows me a broken rod. He had broken the rod on the hook set and still lands the fish. Amazing.

Sunday and I head to Grandy Creek. One other fly fisher is in the run. We both fish through with no fish. I rest as the other fisherman leaves. The song I Have A Feeling is going through my head. I head ba#### into the run. 5 or 6 cast later a strong pull. I set the hook and watch as one of the biggest fish I have ever hooked launches several feet into the air. She then rolls and tail walks across the river. My reel is screaming. I look down and the fish has take me a hundred feet into my ba####ing. Two guys in a raft are asking for more jumps as I handle one of the hottest steelhead I have ever seen. Three strong runs later and I unhook a 38 inch chrome missle. This fish will be remembered for a long time. My only regret. No camera. Juro, this fish went close to twenty pounds. I won't forget the camera next time.
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