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RE:Rio line winders

The Struble Line Winder (60 bucks?) is what I have found to be the best way to store lines. It coils the line in a 6" coil with out any twist. Think of how happy your line will be lounging in a zip lock bag all winter, while all the other lines are wrapped tightly on extra spools and jammed into Rio line winders. The factory plastic spools are ok(and free), but can come apart and are a pain to roll up with out introducing twist.
Extra spools are expensive and store the line tightly. The Rio boxes store the lines in small diameter coils as well (and a few boxes can add up). You buy the Struble thing once, zip lock freezer bags and some pipe cleaners and your set. Check it out at your local shop.
I should say that this makes the most sense if you have more than a few lines (like that new Permit taper, that might only see 14 days out on the water). The RIO boxes are very convenient for changing lines in the field.
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