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Slow, It sounds to me like you did pretty well. The best thing I can do is pointo ut the spots that hol;d fish. often times it gets real real busy and the areas that hold fish are just swamped. That is the one drawback. I use a lot of my own patterns and like you I have sight fished. The key is to know where they hold and what to get em on. I was there last November and I brought my 11 year old daughter down for the first time. The water was stained so I gave her a purple and yellow wolly. She got into a 18 lb brown that made half the anglers crap their pants. We landid it and proceeded to land 10 - 15 more as the day went on. I love fishing with her and it's fun to watch others hang their mouth open.

Nice to meet you - We should fish next Oct/Nov
Keith B.
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