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A note from Dan and myself….

Yeah Yeah, we hear this alot of times…. surf angling. It’s what we do. You can find us in the surf about 75% of the time throughout the year. We love the rivers, but we gave them up with the crowds. Don’t get us wrong, we still fish rivers a lot and use spey
techniques as well. “Beachbumin” didn’t come easy; aot of factors come into play. Dan and I have been doing this for about 5 years so far, actively for about 3. It is a whole different ball game. We learned from our friends that own a flyshop in
northern Michigan. They are quite proficient and catch plenty of fish, and we fish with them when we can. Every spring and fall we are around the state pursuing salmonoids. Summer consists of some Skamania surfin as well, although this requires you to make last minute trips at times due to weather patterns and
wind patterns that affect thermal bars where fish tend to stage.

The topic here is the BROWN TROUT FISHERY. We have always commented most over the years about the brown trout fishery. The fishery is excellent if you know where to look. Another thing, it isn’t just tied into Lake Michigan…some of our better fish have came from the Lake Huron side. Brown trout tend to stage near shore in fall, depending on what area you are in it can be anywhere from late August to November. Most
fish will stage on drop off points, rock shoals and deeper channels near shore that hold baitfish. Usually this is near a tributary, discharge or harbor of some sort. Using larger streamers(up to 12” long - ask for patterns) on intermediate lines or sink tips work well for us. Sometimes we must go to heavier
heads(Levithan ~ up to 600 grains) for deeper ruks. In spring right after ice out we will target the same areas, but fish sometimes move on to shallower rock flats and feed actively. This is where the brown trout fishery comes alive. Fat, pig bodied browns feed near shore and are within casting distance. Pick
the areas you fish carefully. Smaller epoxy charlies, glass minnows and translucent streamers work well. Mainly we walk a lot in spring. Sometimes if necessary we will use pontoons to get around or a flat bottom boat that a friend provides. Walking many
miles during the day is likely.

Well that is the basic idea. Keep an eye out for us!
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