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Both trips, I fished the lower/middle sections of the river. On the first trip in October, I was fishing the middle section (up across from the leased property) and fishing the deeper gut like everyone else (wolly buggers, glows, just about everything), first time being on the Oak -- I wasn't using nearly enough wgt. to put the flys down where the fish were.

Second day, fishing the same area, but there was good sun and I could see the fish in the guts (and could see my fly going by too high) -- after some wgt and cast leading adjustments -- success! But the real kick for me was that I started to notice alot of fish stacked up in the transition area between the gravel flat and gut only 2-3 ft in front of me. When I stopped to look around, I saw alot of browns stacked up on the gravel flats and that the flyfisherman were standing right on them. Most of the anglers were not wearing polarized glasses and couldn't see the browns right at their feet (really a funny site). After backing up a couple of feet, and getting the wgt right for a good drift along the 1-2ft deep flat area -- I had alot of success sightcasting pheasant tails and princes (landed 12-14 nice toads right along that shallow gravel flat). It was fun to watch all the other anglers start to take notice of the trout at their feet and back up for them also.

November was a completely different story, fished right after a series of storms and the river flow/height was 2x that in October (cholocate milk, no sight casting). Under these conditions, fished the lower part under the trees. It was tough going (4-6 fish each day) glowbugs in the morning and switching to nymphs (size 12-14) from 10am on. Being a newbie to the Oak, I was definity paying my dues --- Plan to get up there in 2004, would like to drop you a line to learn more about how to fish that water. In addition to fall, are there other "shouldn't miss" times to get up there? Glad you joined the forum.
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