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spey board policy-fishing effort

to return to mickgbell's original point, i dont think he has had an answer. is there a definite so many hours only, day v night, from the board's policy? i know each estate may have different rules but what is the overall position? and are estates fishing in the time customers are foregoing? crawford little in 'success with salmon' page36, 1st paragraph says 'certainly if i had access to a spey beat in the main summer months, i would be strongly tempted to fish the last hours of daylight for salmon and grilse, then take my sea trout rod until the first light of dawn returned the colour to the monochrome river, when i would switch my attentions back to salmon and grilse. do people realise why their ghillies are bleary eyed when their guests arrive on the beat at 10 o'clock, or do they simply put it down to drink?' hugh falkus in his great book 'salmon fishing' page 81 3rd para from bottom says [ not about any particular river ] 'it is not by chance that, according to the terms of the lease, the ghillies themselves so often fish in the evening for their estates'.
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