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RE:Cell Phones and Fishing

A WAP gateway is a translation layer that converts straight up HTML (Hyper Text Markup Lanaguage, i.e. web pages) to the compressed byte code of WML (Wireless Markup Lanaguage) needed to display on most hand held devices. Your cell phone can access any Web site that has been routed through a WAP gateway.

Most mobile providers have a comprehensive WAP gateway that has scoured the Web and done the needed translation. The problem here is that the mobile provider usually limits gateway routing to those sites that meet with their approval, i.e. those that are navigable within the confines of a 4" x 4" display screen. This makes sense since translating a page that was designed for a 17" computer monitor is a waste of time for everyone involved.

So if your provider does not provide access to the Forum, it may be because we do not have a WAP device friendly page. Hence my suggestion that we come up with one.

It's my feeling that Web servers and WAP gateways will become integrated in the next few years or even months, so any effort to set up our own WAP gateway will only serve a meaningful purpose within a limited time window. I think our efforts would be better spent slimming down the existing pages and registering the URLs for them with big name mobile providers.
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