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Hi Pat

I can help you out for a few of the Gaspé rivers:
August fishing:
Sectors where fish are holding
York Sector 2-3-4 (Big Salmon Hole pool)- 8-9-11
Dartmouth Sector 4-5-6 (if levels aren't too low) and 7 ( gate pool)
St-Jean Sector 1 ( Bluff and maybe a few surprises at Wild Rose)
Pabos Sector 2 on The Pabos North
Grande Rivière Sectors 5 & 6( gate pool) +private waters (excellent holding pools!
Madeleine Sectors 3 & 5
Ste-Anne Sector aval ( a few good holding pools )
Cap-Chat Saw quite a few fish in Sector 2 last September!

I you need more info, send me a note.

PS: These rivers (guides are not required) and expect rates bewteen $70.00CAD to $ 150.00 CAD (depending on what sector you are fishing)
Shoot me an email if you need more info!

Welcome to "La Gaspésie!"

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