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I went out with a guide named Greg Arnold a couple of years ago. His service is called E-Z Fly Guide Service.

He picked me up from my hotel in downtown New Orleans and I had a good long day of fishing. I caught two reds, lost one and saw plenty more including one that was enormous right under the boat. I think that I could have done better but being my first time out fishing saltwater I was pretty happy with the two I landed.

He took me out on his flats boat- we were way the hell out there- perhaps 20 miles. Nothing around just the marsh, porpoises and redfish. I really enjoyed it.

The spoon flies are popular down there but I wasn't convinced that the reds were too particular. I think crabflies will also work well. Let me know if you want more details. There is also an Orvis shop right in downtown where you can get info and flies. I picked up a clouser they call the Mardi Gras Mama there. Everyone should have at least one of those in their box.


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