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Juro...(C-5) Lets just say that downstairs in the cargo compartment we can carry 6 greyhound buses (or 2 130000# M1A1 Battle tanks) and just under 100 trusting souls upstairs...Duct Tape, don't leave home without it!
What we lack in agility we make up for in bulk...(size matters!)
I fly over Monomoy at 20000-30000' so if you're lookig for aerial recon photos I'm affraid it wouldn't show much (I could give you a monentary aluminum overcast)...on climb out from Westover on the departure that takes me over Hartford I can see the Vinyard (on a clear day) Block, Fishers, and Long Island...lets just call it an "overview"...but in a year and a half when I "retire" you may have an airborne fish spotin' eye in the sky to put you on those elusive albies.
Hang on Jasper, we're headin' for the rhubarb!
Did I hear someone say HANGAR SPACE? Indoor winter casting? No problem!
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