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Last fish I caught on the Catt (typical GL pocket water fishing) was taken on a swung wet. However, had I used the typical PNW rig of a weighted tip, I woudn't have had a prayer. I was using a floating line, a single hander, about 12' of mono, and three BB shot above the tippet knot -- no indicator. I'd DS cast the fly slightly upstream, then use the rod tip to steer the fly around a boulder, take off pressure to let it drop into the chute, then swung across the current just behind the boulder. She hit just as the fly swung into the frog water.

Sinktips are fine on the Grand (ON) and the Saugeen (ON) as these rivers have plenty of swing water. You can find swing water on the Catt (NY), the Credit (ON), and 18 Mile (NY) but more often than not, the fish are in the pocket water. So you have a choice -- do you swing in the unproductive water or or clip on a few BBs and fish the pockets where you'll catch something.
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