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RE:Rod Warranties - Old and New

Too bad Jim, I had a couple spare 9wts available. Oh well, next time don't hesitate to ask.

In my opinion, the warranty is a key part of the price but when I pay top dollar I do so because the performance of the product is worth it, or once in a while I do it for the prestige. In other words, the difference between a $100 and a $200 is pretty large, but mostly hardware. For instance the Redington at $75 is a nice blank but the hardware isn't the same as a $200 St.Croix Legend, and the blank isn't nearly as good as the $240 entry level Sage. When you jump to the next level, at $300-350 you are at beginning of the high end rods with significantly better blanks and great hardware. Not a heck of a lot more per dollar, but there's a little something extra in most cases (in my opinion). This extra is NOT proportionate for the dollars added but it's worth the price to me.

Once you get to the $500-$600 mark you are often buying for prestige, the extra performance over the $250-$350 rods isn't accountable for twice the price but the prestige of the rod may be worth it to the buyer.

All cases above are rods with unconditional lifetime warranties. Sage occasionally charges $20 for shipping BTW.
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