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netting salmon

sorry willie gunn, you are not politically astute, you have contributed to this fiction that there is some sort of equality between the positions of the netsmen and the angler. this is rubbish, the scale of the depredations by nets is vastly greater than anything anglers have done.[i deliberately hav'nt answered your red hering about C&R as we are arguing about whether fish should be allowed back to yheir rivers, not yet about what should happen when they get there] the netsmen are poachers under another name. they contribute nothing to the care of the rivers or the fish, and this idea that they are just working class labourers fighting the elements to feed their families is rubbish. someone's been watching too much braveheart! the irish admit to killing in excess of 500,000 fish by nets, imagine what the real total must be! i am told that after your blank weeks fishing 'they' give you a net caught salmon to take home [SO THATS ALRIGHT THEN]
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