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RE:Help me choose a reel...

Juro, you are asking for alot, but you deserve alot.
Billy Pate: +'s bombproof, proven, smooth strong cork disc drag, not too expensive. A classic. -'s full cage frame, small arbor, many parts and a special tool involved in changing the spool, kind of a tweener...Bone fish is too small, tarpon is too big.
Tibor Riptide: +'s This is the reel that the Billy Pate spawned. Has all of the +'s of the Pate, as well as a large arbor. Same drag as the Gulf Stream reel used to break the IGFA blue marlin record, nonported body( beach friendly) This is a perfect #9-#10 reel. -'s a little heavy to be false casting all day. maybe not quite 200yds. of 30# backing, a few parts in the hand when changing spools and expensive spools.
Abel Super 11: +'s flawless fit and finish, proven, silky smooth, just about the perfect #10-#11 reel but weighs about the same as the Rip tide. -'s no outgoing click! same spool considerations as with the Tibor.
Islander 4.0W: +'s not that heavy, almost as good as the Tibor and the Abel( which is more than good enough), easier to change spools (parts remain captive until popped out). I think that this is about perfect for a #9. -'s hmm...can't think of any. Drag has a little start up inertia( very little). Not as sexy as the abel and tibor.
Charlton: these are cool reels. Spools for tarpon, off shore, and spey. Very spendy and too big and heavy to be false casting all day. Too bad because the drag is totally sealed and would be perfect for the surf. I have not used this one, but the tolerances are incredable...maybe too tight?
Bauer: not in the same league.
Orvis Vortex: +'s Juro, this one is very close to what you have asked for. The spools are cheap enough to actually have a few(about $90). They click on and off with no loose bits. The reel seems to be first rate. Unbeatable warrenty. -'s Heavy, My brother's neglected reel that lives out side is starting to stain. I have heard of spools deforming under a lot of pressure. Having to listen to buddies rip on Orvis. Fit and finish is not up to Abel standards. Open back is a sandy disaster waiting to happen.
Reddington: not in the same league.
Sage: +'s this new reel is going to be really cool. Large arbor, sealed carbon fiber drag, easily changed spools, light, and new. -'s who knows? Maybe none.
None of these reels will work with a true spey(wind cutter, accelerator, DT#10 etc.)line. A shooting head would be cool though.
These are just a few of my many opinions. They are based on experience, observation, and a little hearsay. All of these reels are really good and I think that selecting one is like looking for a puppy. Play around with them in the shop and one is going to pop out of the pack and say,"take me home".
I think it will be the Tibor. Have fun, Eddie
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