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RE:Sky's Comin Up

Hey Y'all,

Andre - you're right, way too much frog water in BI at this water level. Needs to be at least 3500cfs (it's less than 2000 last I checked) for that run to fish well. IRS is OK, but the flywater really changes when the river's down as low as it has been recently. You can almost walk across the riffle at 2000cfs!

Kerry - you're killin me!! Spend the last two weekends on the Skagit - 1 was very good for hatchery fish, the last was a beautiful day for casting. Don't have enough time to get back this weekend, but hope you get a nice 11lb native to break in your Diawa. <g>

Ryan - If I see you in an out-of-control driftboat, i'll know it's you.

Heard a good Sky report recently (the "N" word), too, so that's where I'll be.

Tight Lines!

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