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One More Question

Thanks Gardener...Hi Paul and Malcolm,

Interesting discussion. It sounds like indiscriminate drift netting is a significant issue; the more discriminate and smaller "net and cobble" fishery in estuaries perhaps less so. I understand Orri Vigfusson has his sights set firmly on the Irish Drift Fishery: I should not wish to bet against him.

I asked about estuarian 'draft' nets only because I know of a couple of rivers over here that are experimenting with in-river 'live traps' to satisfy the requirements of local aboriginal fisheries. The 'live traps' allow large female MSW salmon--the most important spawners--to be released or at least selectively culled. Bad news for male salmon, but good news for salmon overall.

One more question for you gentlemen:

What is the largest and most effective salmon conservation organization in Great Britain, and do they have a stated position on these issues? Is it the Atlantic Salmon Trust? NASCO? The Atlantic Salmon Federation? Other?

Thank you, TB
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