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Clothesline, magnets and cork...

I recently built this one for myself, based on a few criteria:

One arm on the left side, for tools, not to clamp a vise on. I use a pedestal vise and am left handed, so an arm on the right just gets in the way.

The holes have to be big enough to accommodate my new wasatch tools. The tools were a gift from a great friend, and are beautiful... the old tying desk made from closet rod and left over countertop was done for the second I saw them.

Some way to keep spools of thread and floss on the table and organized, but no rods sticking up to get bent or broken if this thing gets put in the closet or in the trunk, or wherever. I created a channel at the top...

Magnets to keep my hooks from ending up in the kids' (or worse, SWMBO's) feet, and a "clothesline" that won't get bent to dry flies on (bent knitting needle worked great.)

Here it is...

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