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Buyout a success??

Hello everyone.
Just wondering your thoughts as you saw things on Atlantic Salmon rivers in 2003? For the most part, Prince Edward Island salmon runs were up over years past with a few experiencing excellent runs. The Morell, for instance, was estimated at 1500 to 2000 fish. I lean toward 2000 as it just never seemed to end. Four fish over 20lbs were recorded in the trap and 3 were landed at 15lbs each. Alot of 12lb- 16lb fish were observed in the pools.
The margaree, from all accounts had good numbers of fish from early summer through Halloween. Lots of water slowed things down by times last fall, but i had at least one fish on everyday of my trip. (Oct13-19)
Reports from Gaspe rivers were of terrific runs as well. Labrador reports were of more big fish than usual(no nets at sea???) as grilse rivers had an unusual amount of MSW fish arriving.
Was '03 just a peak in the cycle? Banner years like last have appeared before. Was it just a coincidence? I hope not. I hope that Salar may have turned a corner and perhaps this is the "toe-hold" (Greenland closure) this species needs.
Without naming names and giving away secret pools, I would be interested to get a feel for what each of you found in your geographical area. Were runs up? Down? Same?
Looking forward to some responses.
Lets hope 04 puts 03 to shame!!!
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Topher, I am friends with Corey Mosher and i took a picture of you last october at "Swimming Hole". You had released a nice 10lb-12lb fish. No proper introductions at that time, perhaps this year.
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