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wild irish smoked salmon

surfing the fishing links i came up with a site in the irish republic. the coy is ummera smoked products, majoring on wild smoked salmon caught returning from...... it seemed a little ambivalent so i emailed-'how are your salmon caught'. i got the following reply 'our wild salmon are all caught either on the high seas with drift nets or in the estauries with draft nets'. WAIT FOR IT 'it is now no longer legal for rod and line fishermen to sell their catch to us' . AS WE SAY IN ENGLAND "SO THATS ALRIGHT THEN" the irish deep sea trawlers are hoovering up the returning fish heading for the west coast of uk and spain, france germany. they regard catching hundreds of thousands of fish as harvesting a sustainable resource and they have so called scientists to prove it. then the irish tourist board spends millions trying to attract anglers to their depleted rivers. no thinking uk angler will have anything to do with anything irish until this is stopped, as the minister in charge promised a few years ago and then reneged!
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